Healthcare Software Development

Based on our 12 years’ experience, we offer the entire range of medical software solutions for startups and healthcare providers: custom mobile apps, websites, dashboards, ERP systems, and more.

Engaging experience
for users

  • doctor appointment apps
  • patient portals
  • telehealth solutions
  • access to personal health records
  • medication reminders
  • activity tracker apps
  • online pharmacy stores

Effective tools
for doctors

  • remote patient monitoring
  • automating daily routines
  • access to patient data
  • delivering personalized care
  • providing remote consultations
  • access to news and educational resources

Automated processes
for clinics

  • task management for clinical teams
  • patient data management
  • billing software
  • automating routine tasks for medical professionals
  • inventory and equipment management
  • optimizing HR processes

Reduce healthcare software development costs with Surf

Minimize risks with design sprint

For 5% of the project cost you get a reasoned MVP features set, design concept, integration plan and risk review, review of the back end condition, detailed project assessment, backlog, and medical app project development map.

Such pre-project activities allow reducing risks of incorrect positioning, unnecessary expenses for architecture or development, incorrect estimates at the predevelopment stage.

Save up to 40%
with cross-platform development

Flutter framework allows us to use a single code base for iOS and Android and saves up to 40% of time and money. The recent release of the Flutter 3 version extended code-sharing support to all main platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and web, making it possible to write the code once and reuse it across all six platforms. Flutter mobile healthcare apps look and behave native on both platforms, and are characterized by high performance and good scalability.

Speed up delivery up to 20%
with business analysis

BAs strengthen a team. Despite increasing the cost of your product, they save time because designers, developers, and QAs get consistent technical requirements and only need to do their own jobs. The delivery can be accelerated up to 20%.

Reduce time to market with DevOps

DevOps allow to automate build, testing, and deployment and this results in faster time to market. Besides, best DevOps practices ensure improved stability of your back end to reach the 99.99% availability and results in rolling out a release to production environment accelerated by 90%.

When Surf were only bidding for the contract, they had such a cool concept of the app, that we just knew: this company offers custom solutions and has loads of original ideas. And that first impression turned out to be true — these guys have contributed a lot of original ideas and have an unconventional approach to development. We’re really pleased with the results of our collaboration with Surf!

Head of Online Sales

Our healthcare software development services

UX\UI design of healthcare software solutions
  • conceptualization
  • customer journey mapping
  • user flows
  • wireframing / prototyping
  • UI-design
  • native and cross-platform mobile app development
  • full-cycle web development
  • scalable, fault-tolerant back-end solutions for high loads
  • manual testing for every new feature
  • automated tests allow to save up to 80% of testing time
  • you get a complete test record report

Partnership model

Stable team of healthcare app developers

We provide our clients with a stable team and PM as a main point of contact. Surf experts stand out for their strong engineering background and culture. Our Middle+ healthcare software development team implements projects of any level of complexity. We limit the team rotation to a practicable minimum.

Cross-industrial experience

For 12 years in the market, we have collected rich cross-industry experience that we bring to every new project. We know in practice how to

  • create a brand new UX on the industry-scale,
  • grow a startup to a market leader,
  • make app users buy three times more often.

Well-tuned processes

We communicate your medical app project progress and prospects on a regular basis, provide our clients with the access to all project-related resources, and document all approaches and updates. In short, we care for maximum transparency and comfort for the client. After release, we can either continue with the product support and further development, or transfer it to the client’s team.


When the project is complete, we can offer our clients a Service Level Agreement implying app support and monitoring 7 days a week within working hours with timely analysis, monthly reports, and optimization proposals.

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