Why choose Surf to create HR mobile app

With 12 year’s experience in app development we have been delivering digital solutions for HR management in fintech, retail, healthcare, and more.

When business needs custom HR mobile app

In partnership with our clients we create solutions that help achieve business goals

  1. Monitoring employees’ efficiency
    • automating setting one-off and routine tasks
    • monitoring task execution in easy-to-use reports
    • tracking task execution statistics in real time
    • reassigning tasks
    • notifications in employees’ calendars
  2. Decreasing staff turnover
    • internal loyalty systems
    • non-financial motivation solutions
    • rating systems for employees
    • bonus and evaluation systems
  3. Keeping education costs down
    • opportunity for employees to study from their smartphones
    • training and testing based on game mechanics
    • automated system of evaluation and grading
  4. Corporate chat to improve communication
    • corporate chat
    • integration with other HR software solutions
    • with a staff of 1000 employees, the chat will pay off in about 3 months. Further on, you will save $10-15 per employee

Human resource management tasks we can solve

We help automate HR processes, routine issues, and frequent requests.

Reducing response time for HR-related matters

  • request of personal income tax document
  • taking a sick leave or a vacation
  • getting a payroll form
  • responding to typical questions through a corporate portal

Decreasing onboarding and probation time

  • corporate wiki as mobile knowledge base with basic information, contacts, guidelines, and rules
  • user-friendly system to onboard from the personal smartphone
  • evaluation system

Implementing custom HR requests

  • any HR app upon your request: from analytical dashboards and checklists to a custom HR system integrated with your ERP

Surf case studies

We have successfully completed various projects for our clients: from digitizing checklists and reports workflow to apps for in-house training that contribute to employees’ engagement.

Planning to cut HR expenses through a digital solution?

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Our HR software development lifecycle

We apply best practices and our proven processes to deliver projects on time and within budget

  1. Preparation
    • Choosing 20% of solutions that will produce 80% of success to your business, during a joint meeting.
    • Conducting an audience research and Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews.
    • Building an employee journey map in the company.
    • Creating a draft UX/UI taking into account all possible user scenarios including negative ones.
  2. Research
    • Performing UX tests and studying the user analytics.
    • Finding out bottle-necks and the ways to digitize and integrate them.
  3. Development
    • Creating effective UX/UI design for a HR app taking into account insights.
    • Developing native apps with Swift and Kotlin, or a cross platform app with Flutter. More about Flutter here.
  4. Integration services
    • Integrating all backend systems into one API for web and mobile apps.
    • Adjusting user analytics.

Learn more about HR Mobile Apps in our blog

We share readily our knowledge and practical tips related to Flutter app development services

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