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    Top 5 Fintech Software Development Companies: Best Teams in Financial Technology Space

    The demand for fintech software development companies is increasing as more and more new players enter the financial space. In addition, customers’ expectations towards service convenience level and security is much higher than it was even a couple of years ago.

    Thus, nowadays there’s an urgent need for quality and innovative tech solutions that could boost banks’, insurance companies’ and other financial institutions’ customer loyalty, retention and help them stand out from the crowd. A reputable software development company can handle all of that. Consider one of the tech teams we’ve gathered. They will be able to provide you with the results you need to succeed in the fast-growing fintech world. 

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    Criteria for the top fintech software development companies

    The chosen companies offer a variety of services such as IT consulting, building custom software, application support and maintenance, and more. They have extensive expertise in the financial industry and are well-positioned to help businesses harness the power of fintech.

    All in all, all of the top teams mentioned below have:

    • A team of experienced and skilled developers who are up-to-date with the latest technology trends,
    • A proven ability to build custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each client in the financial domain,
    • At least 30 reviews on Clutch and 4.9-star review rating as minimum. 

    Top 5 development companies to consider for your next custom fintech solution

    There are numerous aspects to consider when developing software. However, if you’re looking for a team that specializes in fintech solutions, here are five of the best.


    Location: Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C., USA

    Payment rates: $50 per hour

    Services: Native and Cross-platform (mobile and web) development, Product design, Support and management

    Surf is a Google certified full-stack development team which specializes in building software for medium and large firms in various industries including fintech. The team’s portfolio includes both corporate and personal banking apps, neobank applications and cryptoplatforms. Surf has worked with prominent finance service groups and startups including Y Combinator graduates

    Surf creates user-friendly, innovative tech products for banks and other financial institutions by combining cutting-edge technology with a creative approach. This helps Surf address specific pain points in the financial industry and build apps people really enjoy.

    Surf focuses on securing all aspects of fintech products, ensuring that they meet the highest level of data protection standards. 

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    Location: Denver, CO

    Payment rates: $25-49 per hour

    Services: IT Consulting, Software engineering, Automation (ML, AR, etc.), App development, Support

    The company offers a wide range of tech services including custom application creation, integration and testing, AI and ML solutions, and others. They create products that help customers manage and organize their personal money, analyze spending habits, monitor daily expenses, review and anticipate savings, and help companies set fair and transparent financial objectives. Itransition has worked with both traditional banks and payment transaction providers like Railsbank and PayPal, and crypto-projects.

    itransition apps


    Location: Kraków, Poland

    Payment rates: $50-99 per hour

    Services: Product strategy, App development (mobile and web), Product design, Cloud services

    As a development company, Miquido offers services that help businesses harness the power of technology. Miquido’s service scope includes product strategy creation, application-related matters including UX/UI and backend development. Miquido is also proficient in cloud-based app creation. Aviva, a UK-based insurance company with over 15.5 million clients, Nextbank, a cloud banking solutions provider for 20+ Southeast Asian countries, and other banking and financial players are among Miquido’s clients.

    miquido app


    Location: Warszawa, Poland

    Hourly rates: $55-99

    Services: Product discovery, App development (mobile and web), Product design, Support 

    With a team of highly qualified experts, itCraft is a seasoned player in the tech industry. Successful fintech projects such as mobile payment apps and blockchain-powered platforms are among their works. Transparency of all processes and security, both of which are critical in the financial business, are among their key values. 

    itcraft apps


    Location: Warszawa, Poland

    Hourly rates: $55-99

    Services: IT Consulting, App development (mobile and web), Product design, Cloud services, Product support

    Genuisee provides a variety of IT services from technical audit to app creation and further support. Their portfolio is spectacular in terms of the number of crypto projects. It includes trading and analytics platforms like TradeSmarter, crypto wallets like Digital Bits and blockchain-related social media apps like BuZZshow.

    web apps

    Summing up distinctive features of the best fintech software development company 

    When searching for a fintech development company, there are a few critical factors to consider: the team’s industry expertise and experience, efficient project management processes, clear communication channels, and a dedication to meeting project deadlines. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect team for your needs.

    We at Surf have been developing fintech apps for more than 12 years, and have a consistent working process and a practice-proven expertise. Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer experience, streamline your operations, or enter the world of digital banking, we at Surf are willing to help. Tell us about your project below.