Mary Yasensky Delivery Manager

    The App of the Future for KFC

    Design concept of a food delivery application with voice assistant and AR menu

    We have developed a mobile app concept for KFC. It is not just a food ordering application with easy navigation and beautiful design. We have added features that no food tech application, even the strongest aggregators, have – augmented reality and voice assistant.

    We aimed to make the brand’s app so user-friendly and technologically advanced that users would prefer it to food aggregators. One of the most important messages was promotion of the brand identity through the app, because the strength of the brand in food tech is vital.

    Making an order: fast and user friendly

    A user-friendly application requires a detailed study of the UX, especially navigation: it must be understandable to the user, and the main features should be available in two or three taps. Therefore, it is important for a food tech application to optimize the order flow.

    When placing an order, the user can not only quickly look at the menu and add dishes to the basket. We have implemented a few more features:

    • changing the composition of the cart;
    • viewing comprehensive information about dishes: their composition, ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, calorie;
    • changing the composition of ingredients: remove products from the dish that the user does not eat (for example, mayonnaise sauce), or double your favorite ingredient;
    • using promocodes;
    • choosing delivery or self-pickup;
    • changing the delivery address;
    • repeating the previous order.

    Features that generate an emotional response and drive sales

    The product card in the KFC app is bright and eye-catching. But sometimes this is not enough for the client. He wants to consider in every detail the dish that he plans to order, especially if it is a novelty.

    Therefore, we suggested that KFC use a killer feature – augmented reality (AR) mode. We used 3D scans and real products to make it completely believable. A voluminous burger that can be turned this way and that, considering all the ingredients, evokes a much greater emotional response and desire to place an order.

    Application as the embodiment of brand uniqueness

    A strong, recognizable brand is what sets large companies apart and accounts for a large part of their success. Consumers prefer to buy from established companies. This applies to KFC in full measure. If you come to an unfamiliar city and don’t know where to eat, chances are you will be looking for the McDonald’s or KFC sign and the recognizable face of Colonel Sanders.

    In the KFC application, we adapted their corporate identity as much as possible, used bright colors and the identity written in the brand book.

    Another unique feature was added to the application – a voice assistant in the image of Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders is an essential part of the brand’s identity, and KFC is recognized by him all over the world. In-app voice Sanders helps to place an order. With its help, you can go to the desired menu category or find current promotions.


    • We offered KFC a fundamentally new approach to the food tech application. We not only reflected in it the uniqueness and strength of the brand, but also added features that no one else has and that users will definitely remember – voice assistant and augmented reality.
    • At the same time, they have retained everything that users value so much in food tech applications – a user-friendly interface and an order in two or three taps, a maximum of useful information on the main screen. We worked through all possible negative scenarios and implemented an individual approach.
    • We have created an application that surprises even a sophisticated user and to which he will return again and again, preferring it to faceless aggregators.
    • We know that a brand’s mobile app is a large-scale project. But it is precisely this that will help the brand to detach itself from the marketplaces, implement the required level of service and emphasize its individuality.

    You can see the design of our KFC app concept in detail in our case study on Behance. It was also highly rated by DesignRush, making it one of the Top 10 Food Delivery App & Website Designs.