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    Top 6 Tools to Enable Crypto Data Visualization in Your Application

    Crypto data visualization is a vital element of cryptocurrency applications. Unlike traditional market reports and news outlets, it allows traders and investors to monitor a variety of indicators in real time. Furthermore, it is much easier for customers to conduct fundamental and technical analysis to prepare successful trading strategies and generate profit. 

    However, implementing crypto data visualization is a complex task as fluctuating asset prices have to be instantly mapped on the dashboard. Additionally, multiple metrics displayed in a single chart must not overlap. Since the market data may be updated dozens times per second, it is crucial to achieve performance, so that all changes are showcased in real time.

    In this article, software experts at Surf will describe popular tools for cryptocurrency data visualization that help create interactive charts while delivering an engaging user experience. So, let’s get started.

    Top 6 tools for enabling crypto data visualizaiton

    1. TradingView

    TradingView is among the most popular tools for crypto data visualization. Charts created with the Charting Library are used by thousands of websites, applications, and financial portals. The TradingView Charting Library is connected to the cryptocurrency data feed employed by a software product to display information like price changes in real time. 

    TradingView offers a wide range of components necessary for crypto data analysis, involving interactive, customizable charts and widgets. Most importantly, Charting Library allows for ensuring responsiveness, which means that charts adapt to any screen or device. 

    With this cryptocurrency data analytics tool, software engineers can achieve stable, uninterrupted performance, vital to delivering a seamless user experience and preventing client churn. Even if the data is updated multiple times per second, the app will visualize it properly, for example, without overlapped metrics in a single chart. The TradingView library is free and weighs just 40 kilobytes (Kb). 

    Apart from providing functionality to design charts, TradingView is a strategic platform that enables investors and traders to research the crypto market, discover investment ideas. Linked to hundreds of data feeds, the platform offers access to all major indices, stocks, futures, Forex, and contracts for differences (CFDs). 

    Using TradingView, customers can analyze over 100 financial metrics and enter more than 130 exchanges globally. The system is perfectly suited for technical and fundamental analysis. For instance, TradingView gives access to 100+ fields and ratios, historical data, financial statements, and Volume Profile indicators. Currently, the platform serves over 30 million traders and investors globally.

    Crypto data visualization implemented with TradingView (Source:

    2. COIN360

    Representing a digital currency exchange data aggregator, COIN360 provides traders and investors with all the required tools to monitor the crypto market. With COIN360, professional traders, newcomers, firms, and media outlets can analyze price fluctuations, market capitalization, volume, cryptocurrency exchange rates, and other indicators across multiple digital assets, like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and XRP. 

    With crypto interactive charts and blocks, it is easy for customers to conduct research and make more informed trading decisions. Furthermore, COIN360 allows for viewing historical data of the market volume and capitalization. The crypto data visualization solution also offers rich functionality that contains a heatmap, watchlist, liquidity book, charts, widgets, and news. Using the code snippets, a company can integrate three widgets (Market State, Coin, and Top 10 Coins by Market Cap) into their apps and websites.

    graphs compared
    Crypto data visualization enabled with COIN360 (Source:

    3. Quantify Crypto

    Quantify Crypto is a cryptocurrency data visualization tool that provides traders with the necessary resources for technical analysis. The platform has a terminal that displays Special Signal Dials and news associated with the top digital currencies, as well as showcases live prices of more than 100 coins. 

    Utilizing the solution, customers can analyze a variety of crypto interactive charts and graphs to determine trends, identify patterns, monitor market sentiment, and design more successful trading strategies. Quantify Crypto allows organizations and individuals to integrate four widgets into their apps, websites, or articles by just copying and pasting code snippets. 

    These widgets are available free of charge and include Price Ticker, Market Overview, Technical Score, and Heatmap. Coming up with light, dark, and color themes, the Price Ticker widget displays real-time prices for the leading 20 digital currencies, 10 gainers, and 10 decliners. 

    With the Market Overview widget, a financial firm can enable visualization of prices and percentage changes for trending 20 coins by market capitalization. It also displays daily winners, involving percentage change over the past 24 hours. Heatmap can show 10, 20, 36, 50, or 100 virtual currencies depending on company needs while adjusting the widget to various device screens. 

    green and red table
    Heatmap provided by Quantify Crypto (Source:

    Additionally, Quantify Crypto offers an application programming interface (API) that can be integrated into websites and applications to deliver crypto data visualization and analytics. By integrating the API, institutions can access functionality such as a proprietary trend algorithm, technical score, bullish and bearish divergence patterns, moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), and relative strength index (RSI).

    4. Glassnode

    Glassnode is another tool that you should consider for implementing cryptocurrency data visualization. Employing machine learning (ML) and data science, Glassnode analyzes crypto data and offers actionable insights that help customers to identify trends, determine on-chain patterns, and make better investment decisions. 

    Apart from this, Glassnode has a comprehensive library of numerous on-chain metrics across more than 100 crypto assets, allowing users to monitor blockchain data, such as transaction volumes and price correlations. However, although the crypto data visualization solution suits great for fundamental traders, it does not provide social and behavioral insights.

    brown and orange graphs
    Crypto data visualization enabled with Glassnode (Source:

    Serving the needs of both crypto professionals and beginners, Glassnode has an API that includes various products and resources. The API contains historical data on metrics like the number of active e-wallet addresses and the balance of digital assets being traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Having a distributed system architecture and robust infrastructure, the Glassnode API is scalable and fault-tolerant. 

    As for the cost of this cryptocurrency data analytics tool, Glassnode offers four plans, involving standard (free), advanced ($39 paid monthly), professional ($799 annually), and institutional (customized according to user goals).

    5. Santiment

    Santiment is a popular crypto data analysis tool, which is used by traders, investors, analysts, and companies around the world. In fact, Santiment acts as a financial market data platform that has various content streams and data feeds. 

    Coming up with historical data since 2009, Santiment lets customers monitor more than 730 metrics across over 1950 cryptocurrency assets. Representing an alternative to Glassnode, Santiment provides traders with valuable insights and on-chain data intelligence but, unlike its competitor, also offers social and behavioral insights.

    In order to implement crypto data visualization, an organization has to integrate a SanAPI into a software product. With the API, it is possible to create charts and trading models, view current and historical crypto market information, as well as tailor data requests to project requirements.

    green and blue graphs
    Crypto data visualization delivered with Santiment (Source:

    6. GoСharting

    GoChating is a fully-fledge solution for trading data visualization and analysis that enables customers to track various metrics in real time, identify trends, monitor the behavior of market participants, and check out market news. Being available for free, GoChating perfectly fits for technical analysis. The tool provides interactive high-performance charts that work across different devices and browsers. 

    By employing charts, financial companies can allow traders to:

    • Track more than 20 metrics
    • View bids, asks, deltas
    • Gain actionable insights by analyzing price, volume, time, order flow, and other indicators
    • Receive statistics for each bar, including delta, volume, and the number of trades.

    With GoChating, businesses can customize and scale colors, implement a full-screen mode, as well as export data to Excel. On top of that, it is possible to save chart templates in the cloud to further use them in other software products. 

    GoChating offers an API that has a wide range of features, for example, support for over 80 crypto exchanges, 2,000 cryptocurrencies, and 300 customizable indicators. Thanks to the API, software developers can deliver advanced charts for crypto data visualization, like Kagi, Figure, Renko, Heikin Ashi, and Point.

    In addition, GoChating provides software engineers with a library to create charts. The library contains two sets of packages, involving so-called helpers to facilitate chart generation and data structures to manipulate different data types. 

    green and red graphs
    Crypto data visualization implemented with GoChating (Source:

    Our experience in crypto data visualization

    With considerable experience in crypto app development, the team at Surf uses a range of tools to visualize data in real time. To choose a solution, whether it is a library or API, our software experts analyze the issues and preferences of target customers, as well as software project requirements. Additionally, we always keep an eye on the latest technologies to discover new, better ways to address technical challenges throughout software projects.

    For example, when building the Twim cryptocurrency exchange, the key objective was to meet the needs of both professional traders and novices. After researching the audience and competitors, we identified the most important metrics and indicators demanded by end-users. In order to get a clear understanding of how cryptocurrency exchanges should work and what components they should have, we studied the 10 most popular platforms. This approach allowed us to find out what visualization elements customers expect to have.
    As a result, our software engineers decided to employ TradingView as it provided all the necessary functionality to implement crypto data visualization according to customer goals while ensuring a seamless user experience.

    Twim app
    An example of a quote chart in Twim created with TradingView (Source:

    Final words

    To choose a crypto data visualization solution properly, it is crucial to start a software project by researching the target audience’s goals and analyzing competitors. This will allow you to get a clear understanding of end-user needs and expectations regarding charts, metrics, indicators, color theme, and other aspects.

    For instance, if you are going to build a crypto trading application for technical analysis, you should employ GoChating or Quantify Crypto. Glassnode, in turn, is a great solution for fundamental traders and on-chain intelligence. In case you aim to build a website or application that will serve different types of traders, TradingView is a perfect choice. When searching for a cryptocurrency data visualization tool, it is also important to take into account features, ease of integration, and pricing.

    If you are looking to develop a software product and enable crypto data visualization in real time, you are welcome to contact our team. We will soon get to you and help address all issues.